Investor-State LawGuide

Investor-State LawGuide (ISLG) makes it easy to research international investment treaty law. ISLG subject matter experts curate and analyze relevant investment treaty law material to populate a powerful set of research tools that provide in-depth insight on legal issues. Quick access to valuable information about investment arbitral decisions and awards ensures you can take confident, timely actions on research findings.

Infrastructure LawGuide

​​​Coming soon: Infrastructure LawGuide (ILG) will give users the insight they need into public infrastructure development law. ILG will provide users with tools that allow them to easily compare and contrast a variety of project agreements across jurisdictions, ensuring that infrastructure stakeholders can better understand the legal issues and assess the risks associated with projects.



TradeLawGuide sets the standard for researching WTO law. It is the only database that allows you to comprehensively and methodically research WTO law.

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